Finished projects

Project Title
Arsenic removal Arsenic removal
ACR-Tech Groundwater treatment for removal of arsenic and chromium(VI) using innovative adsorbing and filtration technologies
SafeWatPRO Safe and reliable water systems for peri-urban, decentralized and rural areas: Integrating local needs, innovative materials and production methods to ensure safe water provision
GroundCare BMBF - Collaborative research project in its funding area ReWaM: Parametrization and quantification of groundwater ecosystem services as a basis of sustainable water resource management”
Methan Methane in groundwater treatment: Characterization of methanotrophic bacterial populations in water treatment plants with molecular methods
ENERWAG BMWi-funding measure: Energy efficiency in water extraction - applied studies and recommendations for practice
Klimzug-Nord - Teilprojekt 1.2 Subproject 1.2 Impact of climate change on groundwater within the tide influenced Elbe river region – Quantifying interdependencies and possible countermeasures
Klimzug-Nord - Teilprojekt 3.2 Subproject 3.2 Adaptation strategies in the Lower Saxony Elbe valley floodplain biosphere reserve using the example of floodplain habitats
Biofilm-Management BMBF joint research project: Detection, risk and elimination of temporarily unculturable pathogens in drinking water installations (Short title: Biofilm Management)
EU-Verbundvorhaben Capacity building for the optimization of water supply using performance indicators with the aim of reduction of chemical use, increase of energy efficiency and reduction of technical losses in the distribution system
INIS BMBF funding measure: Intelligent and multifunctional infrastructure systems for sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal -
Scientific coordination project for transfer and networking
Energieeffizienz Energy efficiency / energy saving in water supply
DeCaTec Decalcification of mobile potable water system
Niederdruckmembranfouling Low-pressure membrane fouling during drinking water treatment: reasons, analysis and strategies for mitigation
Hochdruck-Membranfiltration Influence of natural organic matter in scaling of high pressure membrane filtration
KTI Materials in contact with drinking water and preventive measures for new building distribution systems
FlowDetect Further development and validation of flow cytometry as a fast detection method for bacteria in raw water and drinking water
LbL-Modification LbL-modification of UF-capillary membranes
Chromium removal Chromium removal through iron reductive precipitation in drinking water treatment
Zeta-Membran Influence of surface potential of conductive polymer membranes (ZETA-Membrane) on the fouling- and separation behavior in water treatment