Literature and culture

Tools modify the ones who use them. 

To learn how to use a tool is to enter in a new relation with reality, 

both an aesthetic and practical new relation.  (....)

Tools are demanding – they do not confer the power of judging, 

they ask for the choice of the right tool for the right situation. 

In other words they oblige us to think and wonder.

Isabelle Stengers

This course invites the participants to explore cultural aspects through literature. Culture knows no boundaries, for that reason exhibitions, stage performances, films etc. might be also part of the schedule.

The course is offered in German. Very good German language skills are required.

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The seminar literature and culture investigates what culture is.

The study of literary texts entails an encounter with the experiences they mirror and the blueprints for alternatives they might suggest.

There is a growing awareness that Europe cannot lay claim to possess the ultimate standards of knowledge. Therefore the necessity ‘to see ourselves clearly in relationship to ourselves and to other selves in the universe’ (Ngugi wa Thiong’o).

A hermeneutic approach requires the interpreter’s awareness of his presuppositions – personal as well as cultural – and calls for consideration of their broader context. The dynamics of dialogue is thereby initiated. A topography of our contemporary world is to be sketched by highlighting its historical and cultural premises. 

Culture is to be understood as the creative response to a given situation and the capacity to integrate inputs and influences, therefore as an ongoing process of permanent readjustment and learning, and by no means as a fixed identity in terms of an “essence”.

Exhibitions, stage performances, films as well as the organization of talks and round table discussions aim at realizing the campus' potential as space for encounters and exchange of epistemic cultures.

Please refer to the StudIP for the main theme of the current semester and also for the bridging course* designed for international students:

Corresponding seminar for international students


  In that seminar special attention can be given to the needs for mentoring of non germanophone students with regard to comprehension and expression problems in German. The objects of study are chosen in regard to the themes of the seminar “literature and culture” in order to allow international students to develop the necessary skills to participate in projects of the seminar “literature and culture” and to engage in an intercultural dialogue with participants of that seminar.

More information cf. StudIP or contact the lecturer Bertrand Schütz: schuetz(at)