Orientation Program at TUHH

The Orientation Program is focused on the special situation of beeing new at TUHH. Our team will be able to assist you on your arrival in Hamburg, to help you get off to a good start on your courses at TUHH. During your first days and weeks in Hamburg, we work in cooperation with other service departements (SLS) to offer you:

• Guidance and assistance on your arrival in Hamburg • Support in dealing with initial paperwork • Tutorials on the university system • The opportunity to know other students • Social and cultural activities/Excursions • Support in difficult situations, eg. culture shock

The Welcome Weeks (each semester prior to the lecture period) are supported by welcome- tutors who are very well acquainted with both studying at TUHH and living in Hamburg. They know what it feels like to be a "newcomer". Therefore they can easily put themselves in your place! They will accompany you on orientation and social activities to help you to get to know your fellow students on TUHH Campus.

The Welcome Program for summer semester 2019 will take place from 1st of April until 5th of April 2019.