Language Café

„If you know many languages then you have many keys for a castle.“
The french philosopher Voltaire said this sentence 300 years ago. We think that this quote still fits.

That is why we would like to invite you to our Language Cafés. The idea is quite simple: At a Language Café you can just drop by, chat with each other in a nice atmosphere and at the same time polish up your language skills, make new friends and find out more about other cultures. The meetings are led by native speakers. You should already be able to speak and understand the target language a little bit.

The language cafes take place ones a week.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

The language cafes take a break. They do not take place on holidays and during the lecture-free period. We´ll continue in winter semester 2020/21. At the beginning of the coming semester we invite all students interested in the Sprachcafe to an information meeting. The date will be announced here in good time.


Are you interested in supporting the language cafe program? Then join our native speakers‘ team and take over a table for your language. We are looking for people who speak languages like German, English, Spanish, French or Italian. Other languages are also very welcome!

You are interested? Further information can be found in our guideline.
For your contribution to internationalisation we offer a certificate. Please contact Kathrin at kathrin.heuking(at) or drop by the office E 0.056