Intercultural Trainings

Join our Intercultural Trainings! Learn more about the importance of understanding other cultures, and how to develop better intercultural awareness.

You can have our Intercultural Trainings recognised for the Intercultural Competence Certificate


Communicating across Cultures

The workshop is made for both international and German students who are interested in reflecting their own cultures, discover how the concept of “culture” influences their everyday life, their studies, and working lifes.

The main objective of the training is to raise awareness for different culturally based and shaped communication. We will also have a closer look at the specific strategies to deal with (intercultural) misunderstanding. Part of the training is to reflect on your own preferred communication and find out how this affects social interactions.

The training is characterized by a blend of different methods such as experiential exercises, simulations, group discussions or videos.

You should have a stable Internet connection and a device with a camera. Please connect to the Zoom Meeting via laptop, PC or tablet and use a headset with microphone if available. You should also have a smartphone at hand to access other applications. 

WHEN?  Friday, 10 July 2020, 2 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.
WHERE?  Online via Zoom

Limited number of participants. First come first serve! Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.