Dick K. P. Yue

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

38th Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture (2015/16)

Forty years of calculating water waves and their interactions with bodies

Short Biography

Dick K. P. Yue received his S.B. (continuum mechanics), and his S.M and Sc.D. (wave hydrodynamics) degrees under Professor Chiang C. Mei, all from MIT. He has been a faculty member at MIT since 1983, and is currently the Philip J. Solondz Professor of Engineering, and Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering. Professor Yue’s research is in theoretical and computational hydrodynamics. He is internationally recognized for his expertise on ocean and coastal wave dynamics, non-linear wave mechanics, and large-amplitude motions and loads on offshore structures. He has made seminal contributions to development of modern numerical methods for these problems, notably the development of the high-order spectral method for non-linear wave-wave, wave-body, and wave-bottom interactions. Professor Yue has also made important contributions to the understanding of hydrodynamics of fish swimming, the complex mechanisms at the air-sea interface and their effects on interfacial processes. He has authored/co-authored some three hundred papers and a two-volume textbook on theory and applications of ocean wave hydrodynamics.

Professor Yue served as the MIT Associate Dean of Engineering from 1999–2007. During that time, he was the originator of the MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. OCW has been used by hundreds of millions of educators and learners worldwide. Professor Yue is also the Founding Faculty Director of the MIT Engineering Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP), a program that is revolutionizing engineering education by giving undergraduates special training and industry-based work experiences. Currently, UPOP enrolls well over half of all engineering majors at MIT. In 2008, in recognition of these and other wide-ranging activities benefiting MIT, Professor Yue received the prestigious Gordon Y. Billard Award for services of outstanding merit to MIT.

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