Masashi Kashiwagi

Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

34th Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture (2011/12)

Hydrodynamic Study on Added Resistance Using Unsteady Wave Analysis | PDF
Journal of Ship Research, vol. 57, no. 4, December 2013, pp. 220–240

Short Biography

Masashi Kashiwagi, born in 1955, studied Naval Architecture at Osaka University and received his Mater's degree in 1980 and PhD in 1984. His research career started with Assistant Professor in 1983 at Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, and moved to Kyushu University (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics) in 1985 as Associate Professor and became full professor in 2001. Professor Kashiwagi accepted an invitation to return to Osaka University in 2008 as Professor of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at Osaka University. During his career, Professor Kashiwagi stayed for one year of 1991–1992 at MIT in USA as a visiting associate professor, and holds the title of Visiting Professors of National Taiwan Ocean University and Kobe University and also the title of Professor Emeritus of Kyushu University.

He has been doing research in a wide range of topics; the slender-ship theory and its applications, wave-induced time-averaged steady forces and added resistance, hydroelasticity problems in VLFS, development of multiple-body hierarchical interaction theory, time-domain fully nonlinear wave-body interactions, two-layer fluid mechanics, violent-flow problems using CFD techniques, unsteady wave-pattern analysis and its application to the added resistance, and so on. He has authored/co-authored about three hundred papers and some textbooks on theory and numerical computation methods for hydrodynamic wave-body interactions.

Professor Kashiwagi has been serving as Editor-in-Chief of Applied Ocean Research since 2005, and was the Secretary of Executive Committee of the 25th ITTC (2005–2008) and is an executive committee member of the ITTC since 2011. In addition to the Georg Weinblum Memorial Lectureship in 2011/2012, he received the following awards: Best paper awards (twice) from the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, C-H Kim Award and Jin S. Chung Award from the International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE), Best paper awards (twice) from ISOPE, and some other awards for his contributions in education and international affairs from Osaka University and also from Japan Society for Promotion of Science.

He has organized some of important international conferences, such as the 2nd International Conference on Hydroelasticity in 1998, the 12th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference in 2002, the th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics in 2002, the 1st International Conference on Violent Flows in 2007, the 25th full Conference of ITTC in 2008, and the 29th International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies in 2014.

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