Paul D. Sclavounos

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

33rd Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture (2010/11)

Floating Wind Turbines

Short Biography

Paul D. Sclavounos was studying at the National Technical University of Athens from 1972 to 1977 and achieved his bachelor’s degree in Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. He continued his studies at the MIT Department of Ocean Engineering in 1977, until he received his doctoral degree in Marine Hydrodynamics in 1981.

Starting as an assistant professor from 1981 to 1985, he was promoted to be an associate professor at the same department. He became a full professor in 1993 at the Department of Ocean Engineering.

His main field of interest in teaching and research is Ship and Offshore Hydrodynamics. He offers lectures with the topics Ocean Waves and their Interactions with Ships and Offshore Energy Systems, Hydrofoils, Propellers and Wind Turbines and Advanced Fluid Mechanics for graduate students. Undergraduate students are taught about Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics for Engineers and Ship Design.

Professor Paul D. Sclavounos has set his focus in research for the last 35 years on understanding the fundamental flow phenomena around ships and the development of analytical and computational models. The outcome of his research provided the numerical solver methods for the programs SWAN and SML, which are used in the international shipbuilding industry to analyse the hydrodynamic efficiency in the early-design stage for merchant ships, sailing yachts, offshore platforms and floating wind turbines. Recent research activities include the economic efficiency of modern energy technologies and the progress in modelling the risk management in the oil industry, shipping and the energy sector.

Professor Sclavounos is author and co-author of more than 150 scientific publications and has provided contributions to several books about ship hydrodynamics. He is a co-editor of Applied Ocean Research, Journal of Ship Research and Journal of Engineering Mathematics.

His advice is sought by several institutions of the US government and by the maritime, offshore, yacht-building and wind energy industry. He was a Principal Scientist for the Partnership for America’s Cup Technology and the America’s Cup Syndicate Young America. He’s furthermore a member of the North American committee of Det Norske Veritas, of the US Navy DDX Theory Advisory Panels and of the Advisory Board of Norwegian Center for Offshore Wind Energy Technology.

Professor Paul D. Sclavounos was a visiting professor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées ENSTA in Paris, the University of Adelaide, the California Institute of Technology, the University of Oslo and at the Université Paris.

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