ECTL Working Paper

  • Philine Gaffron , Christiane Waßmann-Krohn, Jens Benecke (2008):
    Port related cargo flows in Hamburg – results from a company survey

    ECTL Working Paper 41B, Hrsg.: Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Logistik, Hamburg 2008.
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1 Hamburg, the port and its hinterland

2 The Hamburg questionnaire study
2.1 Objectives and target group
2.2 Methodology
2.2.1 Study type
2.2.2 Scope of the study
2.2.3 Questionnaire structure
2.2.4 Time plan for the study
2.2.5 Follow-up telephone calls
2.2.6 Expert interviews
2.2.7 Response rate
2.2.8 Factors influencing the response rate
2.3 Analysis of the questionnaire data
2.3.1 Information on the participating companies
2.3.2 Information on freight transport
2.3.3 Evaluation of and proposals for port traffic and hinterland connections
2.3.4 Motorways of the Sea in Hamburg?
2.4 MoS and the environment

3 Knowledge gained and knowledge gaps still existing

4 References