Technical Biocatalysis

The Institute of Technical Biocatalysis covers technical and fundamental aspects of the application of whole cells and isolated enzymes in biocatalysis and environmental biotechnology. Process engineers, biotechnologists, chemists and microbiologists interact in an unique interdisciplinary way in laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for research and education. The institute is subdivided into three research groups: Technical Biocatalysis, MicroBioTechnology and Biodegradation. The institute focuses on the development of novel bioprocesses, the investigation of biocatalytic as well as chemoenzymatic reaction sequences to produce complex molecules and the establishment of online analytics for reaction monitoring of biotransformations.

Current Research Areas

  • Reaction Sequences
    • Alternative cofactor regeneration systems for redox enzymes e.g., ‘smart cosubstrates’ and biocatalytic cascades.
    • Multi-enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic cascades for chemical transformations.
    • Stabilisation of enzymes by means of immobilisation and additives.
    • Process optimisation using Design of Experiments (DoEs).

  • High Pressure Biotechnology
    • Pressure dependency regarding bacterial degradation of oil components
    • Changes in bacterial population diversity in deep sea sediments
    • New process windows for piezophilic biocatalysts

  • Process Analytical Technologies
    • Biotransformations in non-conventional solvents
    • Spatially resolved concentration determination
    • Screening applications in IR transparent microsystems
    • Biocatalytic reactive distillation
    • Solvent-free biotransformations in bubble columns