Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology

The research focus of the institute is the fluidized bed technology and its industrial applications. We investigate physical and chemical processes like classification, drying, adsorption, heating and cooling of solids, combustion, pyrolysis, carbonization, gasification, calcination as well as particle formulation by coating, granulation and agglomeration. Experimental investigations with novel measurement methods are supported by hierarchically structured theoretical approaches. The model development includes particle based methods (DEM, population balances), continuous models (FEM, CFD) as well as steady-state and dynamic flowsheet simulations of solids processes, whereas simulations consider individual particles, bulk solids and multiphase particle laden flows.

Current Research Areas

  • Contact and Breakage of Mechanics of Particles
  • Novel Concepts in Energy Technology
  • Flowsheet Simulations of Solids Processes
  • Multiscale Simulations
  • Particle Formulation