Xihua Hu, M.Sc.



Lignins derived from agricultural wastes using the second-generation biorefinery process are of great interest to the polymer industry, due to its sustainable nature and its added functionalities, such as antioxidant capacities. However, the heterogeneous structure of the isolated macromolecule lignin is not intrinsically compatible with all polymers. This work focuses on the investigation of polymer compatibility, targeted modification of lignin and the compounding process of the composites.


Stimuli-responsive hydrogels are widely known in the field of intelligent materials for diverse applications. By exceeding a substrate-specific transition zone, the solubility of the gel inside a certain medium is significantly changed, causing the gel to reversibly swell or collapse. This swelling behavior can be used for different purposes, if integrated into defined geometries. The goal is to conceptualize reactor setups, where the smart gels provide self-regulating features, which, in an ideal case, can substitute the process monitoring and control inside a smart reactor.






Posters and presentations

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