Sheila Ruiz Barbero, M.Sc.



The first aim of the current work is to study the thermodynamics and kinetics of gas solubility in complex media, parameter that has a strong influence on the formation and stability of foam. Theoretical and experimental research on the structure, appearance and stability of foams made from different gases dissolved in a food matrix will be also conducted.




  • Exercise Applied Thermodynamics: Thermophysical Properties for Industrial Applications (Winter Semester)
  • Practical course TVT: Adsorption (Summer Semester)


Posters and presentations

  • R. Sheila, F. Lennart, G. Pavel, S. Irina
    Formation and stability of foams upon depressurization (poster)
    ProcessNet Jahrestreffen Adsorption und Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik 2019, Freiberg, 2019