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Due to several updates in PE2000 the manual does not fully match the current version. The following describes new features of PE which are not described in the manual.

New Features of PE - Version 2.085 (since 1.1.2001)

Three new algorithms for calculating binary phase diagrams have been added to the PE project. The new algorithms enable the calculation of a complete Pxy diagram containing more than only one miscibility gap found by the flash algorithm in former versions of PE.

The flash algorithm of the former PE version can still be used by selecting „flash-3“.

The new bubble algorithm enables the calculation of azeotropes with only one initial guess (in former versions one initial guess was necessary on each side of the azeotrope). Examples:

displayed phase equilibrium Acetone + Chloroformdisplayed phase equilibrium Ethane + CO2

Pxy Diagrams with one supercritical compound will be calculated faster and nicely close at the critical point. Example:

displayed phase equilibrium CO2 + pCresol

The new „bubble algorithm for hetero azeotropes“ will lead to diagrams with an LL gap on top of two VL gaps. Initial guesses can be either VLE or LLE (recommended). Example:

displayed phase equilibrium Toluene + Water

The new „bubble algorithm for near critical“ will lead to diagrams often seen for systems with one near critical compound. Initial guesses can be either VLE or LLE (recommended). Examples:

displayed phase equilibrium CO2 + Isopropanoldisplayed phase equilibrium Water + CO2

displayed phase equilibrium CO2 + Nonanol