I3 Projects

Formal Requirements:

  • An I3 Project is an interdisciplinary project of typically two principal investigators from different scientific fields within TUHH. Two researchers (E13) are funded for the duration of two years, together with a budget for travel and consumables. In the case that a PhD student is given employment for the first time, the Code of Conduct of TUHH is applicable. This means that new PhD students must be given contracts of a duration of at least three years. Since the funding of I3 Projects is for two years only, the applying institutes are expected to cover the third year themselves. In single cases in which this is not possible, individual solutions should be discussed with the Vice President Research before submitting the proposal.
  • The PhD positions come with the usual teaching obligation of four teaching hours per week (4SWS). The proposal must contain the courses, which the PhD students are expected to teach.
  • A maximum of five projects will be awarded. Collaboration projects with external scientific institutions are possible. It is expected that the external institution covers half of the project costs. The intention to do so must be confirmed in writing and be submitted together with the proposal. Proposals without this confirmation cannot be processed.
  • The additional budget is normally limited to 10.000 € per proposal, and normally to travel and consumables. Publications are preferred to be open access and can be co-funded via the TUHH library in that case.
  • One of the objectives of the I3 Projects is the preparation of I3 Lab proposals or the application for third party funding. The scientific objective and possible further funding sources should therefore be described in the proposal.
  • All applications are to be submitted in English.
  • Proposals not adhering to the formal rules will be rejected without scientific review.
  • The timeline for the call can be found here.

Please direct questions to Dr. Monika Kaempfe, Research Coordinator, at monika.kaempfe(at)tuhh.de.

Selection Criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Relation to TUHH strategy
  • Cooperation with external partners
  • Integration into study programmes

Please check here for more details.

Documents to be Submitted:

A: Funding Application, details see below

B: CVs of all participating scientists

C: List of 10 most relevant publications of each participant

D: In case of a collaborative proposal: Funding confirmation of the partner institution

Please submit the application documents as one pdf file to Prof. Andreas Timm-Giel, Vice President Research, vpf(at)tuhh.de, no later than June 30, 2020.

Funding Application Content:

Formatting: Times Roman, at least 11pt, at least single line separation, 2.5 cm frame space in all directions. The entire text must not exceed five A4 pages.

1.1   Title

1.2   Coordinator

1.3   Participants

2.     State of the Art and Preliminary Work  

3.     Objectives

4.     Work Programme and Research Methods

5.     Expected Results and Impact

6.     Correlation to TUHH Strategic Objectives

7.     Requested Funding

8.     Teaching statement: Which course(s) are the PhD students expected to teach?

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