Geförderte I3 Junior Projects

Förderbeginn 2019

Joint Medical Image-Reconstruction and Processing for High-Dimensional Data using Deep Learning

Ivo Baltruschat, Nils Gessert, René Werner (UKE)


Integration of an innovative offshore pilot plant for the cultivation of Microalgae in the harbor of Harburg

Leonard Francke, Sarah Löhn, Nils Wieczorek


Merging Computer- and Material Science using Artificial Intelligence

Audrius Doblies, Benjamin Boll


Into the Wild: A Framework for the Exploration of Hazardous Environmental Fields with Micro Underwater Robots in Real-World Scenarios

Daniel Dücker, Fabian Steinmetz


Exploring a new path in coffee evolution: Unique combination of microbial fermentation and advanced roasting for improving digestibility, taste and quality of coffee

Christin Burkhardt, Swantje Pietsch


Virtual reality for fluidized bed spray granulation: from process understanding to optimization

Swantje Pietsch, Paul Kieckhefen