Other opportunities to gain practical experience in Germany and abroad


ECIU challenges

ECIU challenges of TUHH - the current tasks of the practical program can be found at https://eciu.tuhh.de/challenges/.
The application deadline for this round is 21.11.2021 and the project start date is 24.11.2021.

CEO for one Month

This programme gives you the opportunity to work with an international CEO for one month. Further information about this programme you can find here.

Internships and trainee programs

The TUHH Career Center will help you to find an internship position.

We always display information about the latest internships, topics for dissertations and positions for working students on the Career Center noticeboards in the east wing of the main building (A) on the first floor (close to the student classrooms).

For internships abroad please talk to Sarah Neumann in the International Office. There are also regular information events on this subject.

Other links to various internship and trainee programmes as well as career entry in Germany and abroad: