Sector: Manufacture of electric lamps and lighting equipment (Nace Code: 27.40)
Locations: Rellingen, Hamburg, Berlin
Number of employees: 134 (as of 04/11/2022)

Company Profile:
There is something magical about light. With light we want to activate people's feelings and visions. Our ability to feel, to imagine and to change. In what light do you see life? That is the question we ask. Reflecting the social impact of our work is at the core of our entrepreneurial and artistic approach. We firmly believe that good design can and should do just that: bring constructive impetus to society with the goal of effecting positive change.

Make the best product
For us, the best product is oriented around people, bringing innovation into a simple, intuitive and artistic form. In doing so, we use design and technology to create the most valuable experience.

Inspire change
To move forward, we take risks and are not bound by convention. Creating something truly inspiring and growing with challenges drives us.

Be open-minded
For us, being open-minded means actively expanding one's own horizons, learning from and incorporating other perspectives. Empathy helps us think more holistically and is the foundation for inspiring collaboration.

Minimize harm
On a dead planet, there is no room for inspiration and well-being. In the face of an ecological crisis, we are actively working to reduce our environmental footprint. Despite our best efforts, we need to do more.

Internship Language: German/ English

Areas of internships:

  • Logistics, infrastructure and mobility
  • Materials Science
  • Product development, materials and production

Job postings:

  • Working Student

Our mission is to bring a new sense of light into the world. Light determines how we perceive life by shaping our vision, emotions and biological rhythms. We want to use light to activate people's feelings and visions! As part of our team you will work with people with different talents and personalities. This is how we realize our vision to create an inspiring environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to do the best work of their lives.


Document the inventory management

Ensure permanent maintenance and management of master data, prices and conditions, and bills of materials in the inventory control system.

Organize the procurement process

Supervise the order processing and coordinate it with suppliers. Track delivery dates, check order confirmations and invoices. Assist in the handling of complaints.

Maximize our learning curve

Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, especially the Supply Chain and Production teams. Contribute initiative, motivation and creative solutions to continuously improve processes. Define and measure goals for your own success.