Master in Technology Management at the NIT

The Northern Institute of Technology Management in Hamburg offers an English-language master program in Technology Management. According to your personal and academic needs, you can study for a Master's Degree or a Double Master's Degree (M.A. or MBA), or a certificate.
The modular, practice-oriented course content enables students to apply knowledge on a project-by-project basis and develop in-demand skills in an agile working environment.

TUHH + NIT Double Degree Master /MBA 

Be both: an engineer and a manager! In the NIT´s Double Degree Master’s program, you study an M. Sc. (in English or German) at the TUHH and at the same time, a Master’s program in Technology Management at the NIT.
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A modular and innovative learning concept

The NIT program reflects a modern, agile, digital work environment. The courses do not focus on lecturing, but rather on student-learning through many dynamic, practical, and socially-integrated projects. Modules from the areas of classical management, self-development, innovation management, company foundation, and digitalization familiarize students with the entrepreneurial challenges of the future.
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Study Technology Management in part-time

Classroom courses take place almost exclusively in the off-peak hours - on Friday evenings and weekends. Thus, the Master's program can be completed in part-time alongside a doctorate or a career.

International Community on campus

At the NIT, people with different backgrounds get together in a unique community. They live and learn together on the NIT campus. The NIT offers more than 60 apartments on the upper floors of the NIT building directly on TUHH campus. International high potentials, renowned academics, and successful entrepreneurs create a special intercultural learning environment.

Scholarships from renowned companies available

Outstanding applicants can benefit from industrial scholarships from NIT´s partner companies. The application for these scholarship programs is integrated in the application process for the Double Degree Program.
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