Research at School of Study E

Research from the fields of electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics is united across institutes in the research topics of energy technology, cyber-physical systems, data science, medical technology and modeling, simulation & optimization.

On a higher organizational level, these research topics are reflected in various research clusters. In addition, interdisciplinary bundling with other topics takes place in the research fields of the TUHH.


Institutes of School of Study E

Electrical Engineering

E-3 High-Frequency Technology
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kölpin

E-4 Communication Networks
Prof. Dr. Andreas Timm-Giel

E-6 Electrical Power and Engineering
Prof. Dr. Christian Becker

E-7 Mikrosystems Technology
Prof. Dr. Khiem Trieu

E-8 Communications
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bauch

E-9 Integrated Circuits
Interims Pofessor Dr. Bahr

E-12 Optical and Electronic Materials
Prof. Dr. Manfred Eich

E-14 Control Systems
Prof. Dr. H. Werner

E-18 Electromagnetic Theory
Prof. Dr. Christian Schuster

Computer Science

Theoretical Computer Science

E-11 Algorithms and Complexity
Prof. Dr. Matthias Mnich

E-13 Algebraic Engineering
Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Zimmermann

E-EXK6 Theoretical Computer Science
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Antoine Mottet

Software and Systems Engineering

E-1 Medical Technology and Intelligent Systems
Prof. Dr. Alexander Schläfer

E-5 Biomedical Imaging
Prof. Dr. Tobias Knopp

E-16 Software Systems
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Schupp

E-17 Telematics
Prof. Dr. Volker Turau

E-19 Data Engineering
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schulte

E-21 Data Science Foundations
Prof. Dr. Nihat Ay

E-22 Software Security
Prof. Dr. Riccardo Scandariato


Computer Engineering

E-4 Communication Networks*
Prof. Dr. Andreas Timm Giel

E-13 Computer Engineering
Prof. Dr. Görschwin Fey

E-13 Embedded Systems
Prof. Dr. Heiko Falk

E-15 Secure Cyber-Physical Systems
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Fröschle

E-24 Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems
Prof. Dr. Christian Renner

E-EXK3 Smart Sensors
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ulf Kulau

E-EXK4 Operating Systems
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Dietrich

E-EXK5 Massively Parallel Systems
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sohan Lal



E-10 Applied Analysis
Prof. Dr. Marko Lindner

E-10 Computational Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Daniel Ruprecht

E-10 Discrete Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Anusch Taraz

E-10 Numericale Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Sabine Le Borne

E-10 Stochastics
Prof. Dr. Matthias Schulte