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Instrument: Research Initiative

  • An instrument "Research Initiative" (FI) will be introduced to enable and make visible new research topics at the TUHH or with the participation of external partners from science or industry in a short time. Short-term, thematically topical research alliances are to be created at the TUHH or under the auspices of the TUHH.
  • FI emerges bottom up from the circle of scientists* at TUHH with an innovative (interdisciplinary) concept. External partners from the Hamburg metropolitan region and beyond are explicitly welcome (but not necessary). The number of members: at least 4 members of the TUHH + external participants.
  • The research initiative (FI) is presented and discussed in ASPF. ASPF decides on the establishment of the FI, the chairperson (r) of the ASPF informs the Acad. Senate.
  • FI is listed on the TUHH research pages (content description, partners)
  • Spokesperson of the FI creates a separate homepage under the domain of the TUHH.
  • Participating deaneries are recommended to mention the research initiative on their homepages.
  • FI will be continued for a maximum of 3 years
  • The FI spokesperson will report annually to the ASPF on progress.
  • It is expected that the FI applies for (external) funding after 2-3 years at the latest (I3 program, state excellence initiative or similar, founds DFG research group, GraKo, SFB, BMWI cluster, industry...)
  • In case of particular success (e.g. continuous third-party funding, involvement of other institutions), the FI develops into a long-term institution (at TUHH or across TUHH) such as "Center for XXX" or a "Consortium" (here, the participation of other universities/institutions outside TUHH is desired).
  • After about 3 years, the FI submits a short final report to ASPF and is usually dissolved.

Current research initiatives at TUHH:

  1. Bauwerke im und am Wasser - Spokesperson: Prof. Jürgen Grabe
  2. Machine Learning in Engineering - Spokesperson: Prof. Christoph Ihl, Prof. Christian Schuster, Prof. Volker Turau & Prof. Thomas Wrona
  3. Climate Informed Engineering - Spokesperson: Prof.Nima Shokri