Incoming Research Guests & Staff


You‘re planning to come to the TUHH as a guest researcher? Then you have a choice of different modes for academic and student research stays at TUHH,  such as  (short- and long-term) research stays, internships, assignments for visiting teaching staff, and opportunities for completing your doctoral dissertation.
TUHH has decentralised the processing of the research stays to the various TUHH schools of study according to the research subject. For detailed information on core research areas and research topics please visit the TUHH webpage on research and transfer.

The visitings scholars need an invitation from a supervising professor of the school of study to be able to conduct their researach project at TUHH.

The International Office offers general orientation to help researchers organize their stay at TUHH. Please check our portal above for the information on the contact points, including practical tips on  topics related to living and studying at TUHH and in Hamburg.