Guest Researchers from abroad

Are you planning to come to the TUHH for a research stay? There are different models for research projects in our institution i.e. a collaboration, short term research projects, an internship  or PHD Thesis.

You are welcome at TUHH! We will be happy to make your pre-arrival preparations and your stay as smooth as possible.

Preparing your research visit

Finding TUHH colaborative research center
Are you looking for an appropriate research field to conduct your scientific work? Please contact one of the collaborative research centers directly. For further information on research grant oportunities and application procedures, please contact Team Research.

Finding TUHH Supervisor
Are you looking for an appropriate TUHH supervisor for your research project or an intership? Please contact one of the TUHH Research Institutes directly. The Research Institute will provide information and assist you with your application and registration procedure.

Preparing for travel

After you have arranged your application formalities with the responsible TUHH institute, you will need to adress a number of practical issues associated with entry formalities  to Germany, like applying for visa, finding accommodation and taking out the insurance. Below you can find the most important information, links and platforms which help you with the preparation.

Entry formalitites

Euraxess Germany is an information and advice platform for international researchers and provides important information for the advance planning of a research stay in Germany.


If you have to apply for a visa to enter Germany, you will need an invitation letter from the Institute. Please contact your TUHH supervisor. Further important information on visa and entry formalities can be found on the homepages of EuraxessThe Hamburg Welcome Portal and Federal Foreign Office.


Finding accommodation in Hamburg, especially for a short period of time can be difficult and expensive as well. We advise you to take care of the searching  for accommodation well in time. Our Accommodation Office can advise you on finding appropriate housing. Please contact:
Please check as well our list of potential housing opportunities for guest researchers in Hamburg.

Health Insurance

Health insurance for you stay in Germany is mandatory.
Please contact your insurance company to check whether your existing health insurance covers treatment costs in Germany (this usually applies for EU citizens). If your existing insurance does not cover treatment costs in Germany, you either need to extend it or take out an additional insurance for the time of your stay in Germany. As a rule, guest researchers have to have private health insurance. More information and links to various private insurance providers can be found at Euraxess Germany, the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation's information and DAAD advice portal for international researchers. Please note that the travel insurances are usually not covering the real costs of the medical treatment in Germany needed in the case of accident or illness.

Arrival in Hamburg and at TUHH

City Registration

If you plan to stay in Hamburg for more than 3 months, you will have to register as a resident within two weeks after your arrival. Further information about the citizen registration procedure as well as the online appointment tool can be found here.

Residence Permit

You must apply for a residence permit at the local Immigration Office within the period for which your national visa is valid if it does not cover the entire duration of your stay.
The special services for arranging your city registration and residence permit as well as guidance for your new start in Hamburg can be provided by The Hamburg Welcome Center! You can contact them for getting an appointment at:; Tel.: +49 40 428 54 5001

Registration of your TUHH status

In order to get access to TUHH Campus facilities you have to register at TUHH. Depending on your status you will be registered either as a Guest Researcher (valid for all intership students, visiting academics, guests doing research for their doctoral dissertation): Please contact the department STUDIS – Admission & Registration/ Mrs Hennke/ room 0026/SBS 95E for filling out the form and carrying out your registration procedure.
For registration as a regular TUHH PHD student (valid for PHD research fellows in an institute): Please contact the PHD Office

First Orientation at TUHH: The Campus Tour

The TUHH Families Office

You are coming to Germany with your life partner and one or more children and need support in organising a childcare? You can make use of the TUHH day care centre! Your children will meet playmates of their own age there and you’ll easily get to know other parents. For more information, please contact the TUHH Family Office which provides support for spouses and children of visiting scientist.
Contact data: Tel.: 040 42878 3968/ E-Mail: familienbuero(at)

TUHH Graduate Academy:

The Graduate Academy bundles and coordinates existing cross-disciplinary offerings at the university, makes them visible for both junior scientists and their supervisors, and complements them with special formats to make up a comprehensive program that provides junior scientists at the TUHH with an ideal environment in which to pursue doctoral studies.
Interested in developing  transferable scientific skills?
Contact:  Tel. +49 (0) 40 42878 4337 / E-Mail: graduiertenakademie(at)

Further helpful information

The DAAD guide "Research in Germany"
General information for guest researchers

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
General information for guest researchers, information on residence permits and application procedures for researchers from third countries

Federal Foreign Office
Information on visas and regulations for entering Germany as well as the requisite application forms

European Commission: EU Immigration Portal
Information for non-EU citizens wishing to carry out research in Germany

Hamburg Welcome Center
Special services for guest researchers in Hamburg: arranging  residence permit, city registration and general guidance for new start in Hamburg!

Do you have any further questions or need support? Do not hesitate to contact the International Office.