Erasmus + project applications

Erasmus+ has a higher education strategic approach. Applications are made on the basis of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). The official applicant is the TUHH, even when a project is managed by just one institute. For this reason, all project applications must be in line with the TUHH’s Erasmus Policy Statement and strategic orientation. This also applies if the TUHH is not coordinating but just a project partner. In all cases, a mandate/declaration of honour must be signed by the university president.

Application process

  • The Deputy Dean International of the relevant school of study is to be involved in the application early on. The process will be overseen by the Erasmus+ assistant who will check that all guidelines and deadlines are adhered to.
  • The planned project is to be presented to the school of study board by the Deputy Dean International and/or the project leader. The school of study board must approve the application, even when the TUHH is only a project partner.
  • The International Office shall be informed of the planned application.
  • Ms. Silke Reinermann (PV44) is also to be involved ahead of schedule.
  • The Erasmus+ assistant must send the mandate/declaration of honour to the university president via the Manager Internationalisation (MS Frei) at least two weeks before the deadline in order for it to be signed. The mandate/declaration of honour should be accompanied by an application that is as complete as possible, evidence of approval by the school of study board and a confirmation of non-objection from Ms. Reinermann.