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At the IGRC 2020, a ResiliEntEE paper was presented about the application of the quantitative resilience definition on an integrated energy system.

A publication from the Internation ETG Congress is now available online.
Dynamic Simulation of an Integrated Energy System for Northern Germany with Improved Resilience

A new version of the TransiEnt Library is now available. Version 1.2.0 is compatible with Dymola 2019 FD01
and ClaRa 1.3.0. Download TransiEnt 1.2.0

At the beginning of March 2019, the 13th International Modelica Conference took place in Regensburg. ResiliEntEE had four contributions. They can be found under publications.

A revised version of the contribution at the IRES 2018 is now published in Energy Procedia and freely available online.
Dynamic Simulation and Comparison of Different Configurations for a Coupled Energy System with 100 % Renewables

Another publication of the project TransiEnt.EE about different supply chains of renewable hydrogen to a refinery is now freely available online.
Dynamic simulation of different transport options of renewable hydrogen to a refinery in a coupled energy system approach

A new version of the TransiEnt Library is now available. Version 1.1.0 is compatible with Dymola 2018 FD01
and ClaRa 1.3.0. Download TransiEnt 1.1.0

At the IRES 2018, a ResiliEntEE paper was presented about the different possibilities to supply an integrated energy system exclusively with renewable energies.

The second PhD thesis within the project TransiEnt.EE is now freely available online.
Regelung in Energienetzen mit Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung zur hohen Ausnutzung erneuerbarer Energien

ResiliEntEE, the follow-up project of TransiEnt.EE starts.

The final report of the projekt TransiEnt.EE is now freely available online.
Transientes Verhalten gekoppelter Energienetze mit hohem Anteil Erneuerbarer Energien

The first PhD thesis, which was written in the scope of the project TransiEnt.EE, was published today in the Cuvillier Verlag.
Analysis of renewable energy integration options in urban energy systems with centralized energy parks

The first update of the TransiEnt library is out. Version 1.0.1 is now compatible with the new Dymola 2018.

At the IGRC 2017, a paper about the utilization of renewable hydrogen in a refinery was presented.

The Transient library is now available for download.

A TransiEnt.EE contribution about the optimization of the use of energy storage potentials was presented at the IRES 2017.
Optimal Use of Energy Storage Potentials in a Renewable Energy System with District Heating

A TransiEnt.EE article on Power-2-Gas has been published in the journal gwf Gas+Energie.
Bewertung von Power-to-Gas-Anlagen mittels dynamischer Systemsimulation

The TransiEnt.EE Paper at the 14th Symposium Energieinnovation is now freely available on this site.
Beitrag von Wärmepumpensystemen und Wärmespeichern zur Integration erneuerbarer Energien

The TransiEnt.EE Paper presented at the 46th Kraftwerkstechnisches Kolloquium in Dresden is now freely available.
Modellierung städtischer Energiesysteme Heizkraftwerke, Fernwärmenetze und die Integration fluktuierender Erneuerbarer Energien

The TransiEnt.EE paper presented at the 11th Modelica Conference in Versailles is now freely available online.
Status of the TransiEnt Library: Transient Simulation of Coupled Energy Networks with High Share of Renewable Energy

The TransiEnt.EE Team will give a presentation on the current development status of the TransiEnt library at this years Modelica Conference in Paris, France.
11th International Modelica Conference 2015

The TransiEnt.EE paper presented at the International Conference on Clean Electric Power (ICCEP) in Taormina, Italy is now available on IEEE Xplore.
Frequency Control in Coupled Energy Systems with High Penetration of Renwable Energies

Presentation of the project at the conference: "Klimaschutz in der Metropole – Hamburg kann mehr!"
Conference "Klimaschutz in der Metropole – Hamburg kann mehr!"

Interview wiht Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmitz about the project Transient.EE in the EEHH Newsletter
Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Newsletter 02-2014

Transient.EE in the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt
So könnte sich Hamburg 2030 mit Energie versorgen

Presentation of the research project at the second workshop for environmentally friendly energy and environmental technologies
Interdisciplinary Workshop of the FSP (TUHH) "Klimaschonende Energie- und Umwelttechnik"

First project meeting with the industrial advisory board.
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