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VSDP: Verified SemiDefinite-quadratic-linear Programming

Version 2018

C. Jansson, M. Lange, and K. T. Ohlhus

VSDP is a software package for the computation of verified results in conic programming. It supports the constraint cone consisting of the product of semidefinite cones, second-order cones, and the nonnegative orthant. It provides functions for computing rigorous error bounds of the true optimal value, verified enclosures of epsilon-optimal solutions, and verified certificates of infeasibility. All rounding errors due to floating-point arithmetic are taken into account.

The software is completely written in MATLAB / GNU Octave and requires the interval toolbox INTLAB. Thus interval input is supported as well.

The latest version of VSDP provides easy access to the conic solvers:

The VSDP source files and the User's Guide can be downloaded from:

Detailed instructions on how to install VSDP are given in the User's Guide and on the website

For older versions of VSDP, see VSDP (Version 2012) and VSDP (Version 2006).

Please send a message to if you have any problems with VSDP, or comments, or want to inform about bugs. Thank you!

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