Institute for Reliable Computing
Head: Prof. Dr. Siegfried M. Rump

INTLAB - INTerval LABoratory

The Matlab/Octave toolbox for Reliable Computing Version 12

The Matlab/Octave toolbox for Reliable Computing

To obtain INTLAB, please transfer

using this link or use directly paypal to send the amount to my e-mail address. Then I will send you a link to download INTLAB.

Paypal is a very simple method for international money transfer. If this is difficult for you, please drop me a mail. In that case I send you an invoice with account number.

The license is unlimited and allows you to run the current version of INTLAB at work and at home, possibly on several of your own computers. In any case, it is a personal license.

"Academic Users" are defined as member of a "degree granting institution". Companies associated with universities do not qualify.

NOTE: Unfortunately, changing the rounding mode does not work in Matlab version 2021a, but I was promised that this will be fixed in version 2021b. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Prof. Dr. Siegfried M. Rump
Institute for Reliable Computing
Hamburg University of Technology
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