Security in distributed applications

Security is moving to the application layer. Yesterday’s challenges – securing operating systems or securing communication networks – have not entirely gone away, but tangible progress has been made over the past decades. Today’s attacks move into the browser, into web pages, into the connected car, into the digital factory, and on and on. Sometimes, a new attack can be dealt with employing principles established in the past; there is value in understanding the foundations of your field. Sometimes, a new attack poses new research challenges for the defenders; there is value in understanding the limitations of existing defences.

In our courses we try to give a good coverage of information security, now fashionably called cyber security, ranging from communications security, to software security, and on to applications security. We are open for any student projects that are related to security and pose questions where the answer is not obvious from the start. In our research, we preferably pick new “difficult” topics, i.e. topics where there is not yet a large body of research papers, and try to advance the state of the art in new directions. Current research looks at Brain Computer Interfaces, cyber-physical systems, risk management in socio-technical systems, and web applications.