Looking for research assistantship / wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft gesucht

The Institute for Software Systems offers a research assistantship (German "wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft") to contribute to a joint project with the Institute of Medical Technology (MTec) at TUHH and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

Context of the project is a software architecture for a laser robotic controller in a medical application at UKE. The software architecture is implemented on top of the well-known ROS ("robot operating system") from Stanford, which employs both event-based programming and the style of publish-subscribe messaging. The goal in this subproject is to prepare the architecture for a rigorous, formal validation.

The project provides the opportunity to learn about the issues of programming for robotic applications and to apply verification techniques in practice.

Candidates should have good software skills in C++ as well as interest and some experience in formal methods. Knowledge of operating systems or distributed systems is a plus but not required.

Start date, hours, duration:
December 1 or later; 42 hours per month; 6 months, with an initial trial period of one month.

Candidates should send their resume to sts-office (at tuhh.de) or may contact Prof. Schupp. For contact information, see http://www.tuhh.de/sts.