This year's location: Hamburg

Basic Facts

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city following Berlin. It is, at the same time, one of the states of the Federal Republic of Germany, called Länder. The city is located on the North German Plain in the lower reaches of the Elbe River, about 100 km from where the Elbe meets the North Sea. Hamburg is famous for its vibrant nightlife and the open-minded inhabitants. Germany's musical city number 1 attracts millions of tourists every year.


Average Temperature: Annual Average: 9.7° C
January: 2.0° C; April: 9.3° C; July: 18.6° C; October: 10.0° C
Number of Sunshine Hours: 1,597 per year
(35.6 % of total possible hours)
Average Precipitation: 762 mm
(averages of the years 1991 to 2015)

Hamburg is famous in Germany for its rainy and unsteady weather conditions. In June the average temperatures are around 17°C. Weather could be pleasant during the time of the conference, but no German would visit Hamburg without a good rain jacket.

Conference Topics

Conference sessions are planned and papers, posters and industrial presentations are requested on subjects related to dewatering and drying within the following areas:

  • Drying applied to different industrial sectors
  • Drying theory, fundamentals and kinetics 
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of drying
  • Drying intensification, vibration, infra-red, ultra-sound and micro-wave
  • Different types of drying processes
  • Product quality and drying process control
  • Separation and dewatering processes
  • Drying of different materials
  • Heat pump drying and other innovative technologies
  • Energy savings and other aspects in drying
  • Environmental impact of drying and dewatering processes
  • Drying and dewatering equipment design and scaling-up
  • Industrial drying and dewatering.

Keynote Lectures

  • Recognized professors, scientists and industrial professionals will lecture on:
  • Fundamentals, modeling and optimization of drying processes
  • Challenges in atmospheric freeze heat pump drying and intensification processes
  • Heat pump and super-heated steam drying
  • Innovative and green drying technologies
       Drying of pet and animal feed
       Dewatering and drying of inorganic and organic materials
  • Spray, vacuum and freeze drying
  • Chemistry and dewatering - process methods enhancing dewatering and drying
       Special topics

Conference Brochure


The language in the NBDC 2017 will be English without translation.


The following awards will be granted to candidates present at the NBDC 2017:

  • Distinguished contributions in development of drying technology in the Nordic-Baltic region
  • Outstanding achievement and excellence in drying R&D
  • Novelty and R&D among the papers, posters and industrial presentations at the NBDC 2017