Timo Dymala

Timo Dymala

Hamburg University of Technology
Feststoffverfahrenstechnik und Partikeltechnologie
Denickestraße 15 (K)
21073 Hamburg
Building K
Room 2503
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Research Project

In this research project a novel chemical looping gasification (CLG) process with a two-stage fuel reactor is investigated. The aim of the study is to optimize the CLG process and detect suitable operation conditions, e.g. for the gasification temperature, ratio of bed materials, syngas composition and the oxygen carrier lifespan. This can be achieved by a sophisticated model of the process which has to be implemented in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software like OpenFOAM® or Barracuda Virtual Reactor®.

To allow the simulation of industrial plants with reasonable computational time the multiphase - particle in cell (MP-PIC) method is applied. This facilitates the consideration of various effects like particle size distributions as well as shrinkage effects and reduces the computational costs compared to the discrete particle model (DPM).

Further information can be found in the project description:

Multi-scale analysis and optimization of chemical looping gasification of biomass: Macro-scale simulation