Asst.-Prof. Maksym Dosta


  Hamburg University of Technology
  Multiscale Simulation of Granular Materials (V-EXK1)
  Denickestraße 15 (K)
  21073 Hamburg

Office: Building K. Room 2513

Phone: +49 40 428 78 35 64

Email: dosta(at)

Detailed info

Main research fields

1. Development of methods for multiscale process treatment
      - Problem decomposition and multiscale artchitecture
      - Macroscale process tretment (flowsheet simulation, PBM, etc.)
      - Analysis and reduction of large dataset generated from simulations
      - Interscale communications & interscale convergence

2. Mechanical and breakage behavior of complex structured materials
      - Static loading and dynamic impacts
      - Thermal expansion and sintering
      - Fatigue behavior
      - Structure-property relationships

3. Development and implementation of novel simulation systems:
      - High performance computing (CPU, GPU)
      - Novel efficient calculation algorithms
      - Calculation methods with various complexity
      - Machine learning methods

4. Application and extension of discrete element method (DEM)
      - Contact mechanics (dry, wet, irregular shaped and deformable particles)
      - Packings of non-spherical particles
      - Particle dynamics in multiphase flows
      - Coupling of DEM+MD, DEM+FEM, DEM+PBM

Current and recent research projects