Jun.-Prof. Maksym Dosta


  Hamburg University of Technology
  Multiscale Simulation of Solids Processes (V-EXK1)
  Denickestraße 15 (K)
  21073 Hamburg

Office: Building K. Room 2513

Phone: +49 40 428 78 35 64

Email: dosta(at)tuhh.de

Publications: Publications (pdf); GoogleScholar; Scopus; ORCiD

Research Areas

  • Novel methodological simulation concepts
  • Simulation, optimization and design of single unit operations and entire production plants
  • Application of multiscale modeling strategies to develop sustainable production processes and functionalized materials
  • Application of data-driven approaches and machine-learning methods to derive surrogate black-box and hybrid models
  • Description of process-structure-property relationships for particulate materials
  • Efficient and scalable algorithms for simulation of complex technical systems
  • Development and implementation of integrated modeling frameworks
  • Novel efficient calculation algorithms and high performance computing (CPU, GPU)
  • Hybrid simulation approaches: DEM+MD, DEM+FEM, DEM+PBM, etc.
  • Application of novel modeling strategies for various problems from chemical, food, bioprocess engineering and energy technology  


Lectures (Winter and Summer Term 2021)

  • Thermal Waste Treatment (mandatory course)
  • Numerics and Matlab (mandatory course)
  • Multiscale Simulation of Granular Materials (elective course)

Developed Simulation Frameworks



The research group V-EXK1 "Multiscale Modeling of Solids Processes" is part of college of excellence and is supported by Glatt company.

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