Why study at TUHH?

The following video has recently been composed by a group of students to show you why studying at TUHH and especially at the MST department is a valuable experience.

Hamburg as a city

Another group of students at our department has composed a video to show you what Hamburg as a city has to offer.

Housing & support

This is another video composed by students to provide incomings with valuable hints for housing and other support.

As a student you might need some hints on how to explore Hamburg on a budget:

German culture at a glance

When living in Germany, you will probably encounter many habits that may be rather different to what you are used to. When living abroad, such challenges are a neccessary consequence. Therefore, finding out more about German customs and habits is not only interesting and sometimes amusing but can also help you to better understand the Germans in your surroundings during your stay. Here you find a brief but concise collection of the key cultural habits in Germany that are also reflected in the educational sphere.

See also this useful video:

Housing, Visa, Insurance etc.

Studying abroad usually comes along with a few administrative issues. In order to be prepared for all possible questions before and during your stay please find all relevant information here.

Here you find a brief calculation of living expenses in Hamburg.