Old computing room of the computing center (in operation until mid-2014)


- State of the technology: 1991
- Fire loads (UPS, batteries, electrical distribution systems)
- Insufficient cooling
- Cooling equipment ready for scrap heap, undersized, inefficient
- Dependent on central cold water supply
- Hazard for UPS batteries
- Insufficient electrical power supply
- Not flexible, hardly any redundancies or reserves
- Dependent on emergency power test, TO maintenance work and declining power quality due to cable ducts (raised floor for cold + power/data cables)

Rechnerraum bis Mitte 2014
Fig.: Computing room up to mid-2014

New computing room construction - project milestones:

- Planning begins in 2007
- Financing secured in 2011, funding for energy savings
- Lack of space requires renovation during on-going operation in areas in Building L
- Old server room split up as part of regular power cut in April 2012
- 1st construction meeting in March 2013. Planned to be finished in September 2013
- 35th construction meeting in February 2014
- Acceptance of electrical/cooling systems February/March 2014
- Moved to new server room in Building L on 5/6 April 2014

You can find more information about the new computing room construction in the Project Report.

The IT-officer of the TUHH(DVB) were informed about the project in a DVB-meeting in April 2014.

Information on the new computing room of the computing center.