New webmail system

This version of the webmail system (HORDE 3/IMP 4) can handle special features of the IMAP-Server (cyrus) . These are mainly the so called shared mailboxes which make it possible to grant certain access rigths (see,read,write) to other users of the (IMAP) server. Please read Adjust access to imap mailboxes to learn more.

The handling of webmail and the addressbook module has changed barely. Each user of the old system should get along with the new system as well. Hints to the basic usage you can find here.

Moreover this version contains some groupware modules to coordinate working groups and tasks. In addition to the already available modules for (IMAP) mail access and personal addresses these are:

  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Tasks

To access these modules one can use the usual icons or the new sidebar. Learn more by reading sidebar.

Furthermore the already available addressbook module is getting access to the user directory of the TUHH. Learn more about this subject by reading addressbook .

The calendar, notebook and task planers are featured with access administration. For users and usergroups it is possible to create arbitrary numbers of calendars, notebooks or task planers to share. The groups of users are predefined and will be maintained automaticaly. Learn more on this subject by reading groupware .