The ongoing improvements and extensions of the panel code's capabilities have lead to numerous publications. In this area you can find information on panMARE and related issues. While some of the papers provide a more detailed overview of the simulation tool's underlying theory and numerical implementations, other papers show examples of the code's multiple applications. The publications are sorted by their year of publication.

Please note that we are not allowed to publish every paper. If you are interested in a paper which is not downloadable, please don't hesitate to contact us.



  • Pal Schmitt, Daniel Ferreira Gonzales, Ulf Göttsche, Christian Schulz, Stefan Netzband, Martin Scharf, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Louise Kregting:
    Forces on a submerged sub sea tidal kite in surface proximity
    Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics and the 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ISBN: 978-849473116-7), June 2018


  • Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Israa Alesbe, Stephan Berger, Daniel Ferreira Gonzales, Ulf Göttsche, Jan Clemens Neitzel-Petersen, Stefan Netzband, Markus Pergande, Martin Scharf, Jochen Schoop-Zipfel:
    Entwicklung von panMARE als Paneelverfahren für interdisziplinäre maritime Anwendungen

    (engl.:Development of panMARE as a panel method for interdisciplinary maritime applications;
    Proceedings of the 110th annual conference of the Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft (STG), 2016


  • Israa Al-Esbe, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Aerodynamics of 5MW Wind Turbine using Boundary Element Method
    Proceedings of the 13th Conference of the Italian Association for Wind Engineering (IN-VENTO), 2014

  • Stephan Berger, Markus Druckenbrod, Markus Pergande, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Testing a Semi-Automated Tool for the Optimisation of Full-Scale Marine Propellers Working behind a Ship
    Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering MARINE 2013, Hamburg, Germany, 2013
  • Stephan Berger, Maria Bauer, Markus Druckenbrod, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Investigation of Scale Effects on Propeller-Induced Pressure Fluctuations by a Viscous/Inviscid Coupling Approach;
    Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Marine Propulsors (smp '13), Launceston, Australia, 2013

  • Maria Bauer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    A 3-D Potential Based Boundary Element Method for the Modelling and Simulation of Marine Propeller Flows
    Proceedings of the 7th Vienna Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Austria, 2012
  • Martin Greve, Katja Wöckner-Kluwe, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Thomas Rung:
    Viscous-Inviscid Coupling Methods for Advanced Marine Propeller Applications;

    Article, International Journal of Rotating Machinery, 2012
  • Martin Greve, Katja Wöckner-Kluwe, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Thomas Rung:
    An Efficient Procedure to Simulate Ship Propulsion in Regular Waves;

    Proceedings of the STG Conference on Behaviour of Ships in Waves, September 2012
  • Maria Bauer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Boundary Element Method for the Computation of Unsteady Sheet Cavitation Effects in Marine Propeller Flows
    Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology, Dubrovnik, Croatia, September, 2012
  • Maria Bauer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    A Three-Dimensional Panel Method for the Simulation of Sheet Cavitation in Marine Propeller Flows
    Proceedings of the 83rd Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM), Darmstadt, Germany, March, 2012

  • Katja Wöckner, Martin Greve, Martin Scharf, Thomas Rung, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Unsteady Viscous/Inviscid Coupling Approaches for Propeller Flow Simulations
    Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Marine Ship Propulsors, Hamburg, 2011
  • Stephan Berger:
    Kopplung eines Rechenverfahrens für potentialtheoretische Strömungen mit einem Rechenverfahren für viskose Strömungen mit Hilfe eines Propellermodells
    Diploma-thesis, TU Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, 2011
  • Maria Bauer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Propeller Induced Loads on Quay Walls
    2nd Workshop on Ports for Container Ships of Future Generations, Hamburg, 2011
  • Stephan Berger, Markus Druckenbrod, Martin Greve, Lars Greitsch, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    An Efficient Method for the Investigation of Propeller Hull Interaction
    Proceedings of the 14th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium, Poole, United Kingdom, 2011

Please note that before 2011 the name of panMARE was ISThydro.

  • Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Max Steden, Jochen Hundemer:
    Design of a Multi-Component Propulsor
    28th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Pasadena, USA, 2010
  • Markus Druckenbrod, Jochen Hundemer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Max Steden:
    Optimisation of Single and Multi-Component Propulsors
    COMPIT 2010, Gubbio, Italy, 2010

  • Jochen Hundemer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Prediction of tip vortex cavitation inception on marine propellers at an early design stage
    7th International Symposium on Cavitation, Ann Arbor, USA, 2009
  • Max Steden, Jochen Hundemer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Optimization of a Linearjet
    First International Symposium on Marine Propulsors, Trondheim, Norway, 2009

  • Boris Naujoks, Max Steden, Sven-Brian Müller, Jochen Hundemer:
    Evolutionary Optimization of Ship Propulsion Systems;
    IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Singapore, 2007
  • Max Steden, Jochen Hundemer, Sven-Brian Müller, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Geometrische Parameterisierung und Untersuchung der Umströmung von aus Mehrkomponenten bestehenden Schiffsantrieben
    Beitrag zur STG Hauptversammlung, Berlin, 2007

  • Jochen Hundemer, Boris Naujoks, Thomas Hachmann, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud:
    Auslegung von Schiffspropellern mit evolutionären Algorithmen;
    STG Hauptversammlung, Hamburg, 2006