We offer a new Mastercourse "Joining of Polymer-Metal Lightweight Structures". The course contents comprise theory and a practical course in the lab. The figure shows samples prepared for this course. Students get insight into the manufacturing, design, mechanical properties (capacity, stiffness, among others), failure modes and testing of joints, among them adhesive bonds, welds, riveted and bolted joints of similar and dissimilar materials (metal-metal, metal polymer, polymer-polymer). This course is part of the Module "Metallic and Hybrid Lightweight Materials". Please enroll in the Module if you are interested!  

Background: The weak points in a structure often are the joints, which fail early in lifetime while structural members are still intact. - This can be seen in anology to the human body: While the bones are still in good shape, the joints often provide problems and pain and humans need new joints, e.g. hip or knee replacements.

Hence, particularly the joints demand careful design and further development and research to ensure soundness of the joints in order to not limit the lifecycle of the structure. 


Our team provides interested students insights into complex structural design or into scientific studies in the laboratory within the Bachelor-, Project-, or Master Thesis. 

Example of an excellent Master Thesis by Mr. M. Qanavati (advisor: Dr.-Ing. N. Lalkovski):