Welcome to the Institute of Metal and Composite Structures!

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Our Mission:

The mission of the Institute of Metal and Composite Structures is to explore next-generation sustainable metal and composite material/hybrids and structures with embedded autonomous logic-controlled characteristics contributing to develop the next-generation low-maintenance metal and composite/hybrid structures.

Here some insights ...

The scientific merit is to understand, process and fine-tune the embedded autonomous logic-controlled characteristics of new metal and composite/hybrid structures, such as self-sensing, damage precursor detection, self-healing, damage-arrest capabilities.

The broader impact is creating solutions for the decaying metal and composite civil infrastructure providing

  • Lifecycle-oriented innovative technology and design of metal and composite structures,
  • Safety through metal and composite structures,
  • Economy and sustainability through metal and composite structures

Research involves analytical, numerical and experimental studies of multifunctionality embedded in metal and composite material, which may trigger damage tolerance, healing, sensing, energy harvesting, etc. Our approaches account for the interrelations of processing, nano/micro/macrostructure properties and structural performance, with the ultimate goal to embed resilience in the infrastructure. Current research activities address simulation and experimental testing of metal-polymer composite properties to better understand and fine-tune interface properties, autonomous detection of defects in metals and composites, embedded defect (damage)-arrest capability, and innovative metal and composite joining methodologies avoiding the heat affected zone.