Currently works as senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Management Accounting and Simulation (MACCS), Hamburg University of Technology.

Field of research: Behavioral Economics / Computational Social Science

In the tradition of my methodologically oriented research, I stand for a relatively broad area of research topics with a core in behavioral economics and a methodical focus in agent-based simulation.

My current research focuses on interaction processes in planning decisions. From the distributed cognition perspective we analyze the effect of individual properties and interactions on the performance of teams with agent-based simulation and laboratory experiments.

In modeling and analysis, I focus on systematic approaches. Agent-based simulation offers excellent possibilities to investigate alternative behavioral strategies and interaction processes within the framework of economic theories. However, valid simulation analysis requires more standardized and systematic approaches. My methodological interest is to contribute to the improvement of the reliability of simulation research so that modeling and theory formation becomes a success.

Further, agent-based simulation can help to understand complex relationships behind large amounts of data collected under the key words Big Data and Industry 4.0.

The national and international exchange with other universities and research groups is an essential element of my research. I organize continuous exchange through workshops.

As a lecturer, I had the opportunity to develop new courses for Master programs at Hamburg University of Technology (topic: simulation methods in logistics) and the MBA program in Technology Management at Northern Institute of Technology (topics: complexity and big data, good research and scientific writing).  My teaching philosophy is to teach in close interaction with students and to establish connections to current research and practice.

Professional experiences outside academics: Over 6 years experiences in a project management position as executive officer, being responsible for the support of projects around the in-service helicopters of the German Navy at the German Federal Office for Arms Technology and Procurement. Consulting project at Spitzner Consulting.

Management committee member of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA) 2012-2014. 

Development and coordination of the simulation workshop concept ESSA@Work in the years 2007-2014. Currently: Host of local editions at TUHH.


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  • goDEAP! - Guidelines for simulation model analysis
  • DisCo - Distributed cognition and planning processes
  • cDOE - Analysis of complex simulation models
  • LAMDA - Learning agents for mechanism design analysis
  • SimPLS - Connection of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) with agent-based simulation


  • Simulation methods - Lecture - Master program on Logistics and Mobility, TUHH (since 2014). Links (WS 16/17): Stud.IP Web (currently running)
  • Good scientific practice and writing - Seminar - Master program and MBA on Technology Management, Northern Institute of Technology (since 2012). Link: insideNIT (next course starts: Jul 17)
  • Project seminar on simulation and accounting - Master program on International Management and Engineering (a.o.), TUHH. Link: Stud.IP Web (next course starts: Apr 18)
  • Research seminar / doctoral colloquium - Doctoral students at MACCS institute. Link: Web (currently running)