If you want to write a final thesis at our institute, please follow the process mentioned below for a quick response.

1. Ensure that your topic or issue fits with our three research directions or with our theses' tenders

2. Write an application to Kirstin Strahl-Höhler

This application must contain the following parts:

  • CV
  • Transcript of your results/grades
  • Expected beginning date
  • Thesis' topic
    • Thesis@institute: topic reference or your idea
    • Thesis@corporation: detailed description of your topic / tasks

If you want to write your thesis in a corporation, please arrange enough time for the application process. 

3. We will send a confirmation and check your application. After an adequate processing time we either invite you to a kick-off meeting or reject your thesis with some alternatives.

All further information on the registration and submission process of the master thesis is provided on a separate page you will find on the left side under "Thesis", it is called "Registration / Submission of the Master Thesis". Please make sure you have read and followed the insctructions given there closely! 

Thanks in advance.


Thesis topics

Please find below a list of current thesis topics you may apply for. 


  • !CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!!! REPLICATION: Replication of a product cost simulation - Description
  • !CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!!! DIGITALIZATION: Literature research about actual practices and knowledge - Description

Behavioural Accounting

  • DYNAMICS OF SOCIAL NORMS: Replication of an agent-based model -  Description
  • FRAUD DYNAMICS AND CONTROLS IN ORGANIZATIONS: Replication of an agent-based model - Description


 Management control

  • !CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!!! THESIS AT THE SUPPLY CHAIN INNOVATION DEPARTMENT - INFINEON ECHNOLOGY AG: Modelling Agents to be used in Simulation for Semiconductor Supply Chain Planning - Description
  • LITERATURE REVIEW ON BUSINESS / ORGANIZATIONAL FORECASTING: Possibility of various systematic literature reviews and bibliometric analyses using data extraction and mapping techinques


  • !CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!!! META-MODELING: Understanding the behavior of complexity - Description
  • !CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!!! AGENT-BASED MODELING OF INHERITANCE TAXATION: Build a model of an artificial society and explore the effects of inheritance taxation with the help of ABM (explorative topic)- Description 


Please note our guidelines for writing a master thesis at our institute!

If your student project includes a programming task, please note our coding guidelines.