Current Projects

Mittelstand 4.0 - Competence Center Hamburg

The goal of the project is, to discern relevant developments, inform SME and the craft industries regarding these developments and present fitting solution concepts. Digitalization in the economic cluster is analyzed regarding costs, utility, and also opportunities and risks. The project supports SME in their endeavours to implement digital technologies and business models. Meanwhile, good practice models will be used as demonstrators. The necessary knowledge is provided through qualification offerings. Additionally, employment effects that are affected by the digizalization, are analyzed.


The aim of the project is to develop a web-based knowledge platform for the implementation of a cross-company SCRM for crisis situations. The currently prevailing COVID-19 pandemic is used as an example of a crisis situation in this context. Through the use of the online knowledge platform, methods and approaches as well as detailed guidelines for the implementation of cross-company SCRM are available to the companies.

Project „RiskBlock“

With the rapidly increasing number of temperature-sensitive products, the need for a fully monitored supply chain is more important than ever. Currently, those involved must rely on container operators to communicate temperature deviations to the customer quickly and correctly. By using a blockchain for temperature-controlled services, the reliability of the information can be validated and active risk management can be supported. Furthermore, this technology enables small, medium and large companies to develop new services.


Due to climate change, politics, society, and the market environment are increasing the pressure on companies to track their emissions. This is having an increasing impact on the profitability of SMEs, as large corporations are passing on their requirements to them. Accordingly, SMEs are particularly challenged to account for their emissions (Scope 1 and 2). However, emissions along the upstream and downstream value chain (Scope 3) usually have a higher climate relevance for companies. In practice, however, these are often not considered.