Audrius Doblies

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Tel: +49 (0)40 42878-4889

Raum: Campus K 3537

Audrius Doblies studied mechanical engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology with an emphasis on aircraft systems and simulation. After finishing internships at Airbus and Lufthansa Technik he completed a master thesis in the field of digital prototyping using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Matlab. During his study abroad semester at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Audrius Doblies worked on an aviation research project examining aircraft engine degradation and lean manufacturing.

In April 2016, he joined the Institute of Polymer and Composites as research assistant working in the area of composites degradation and non-destructive testing using machine learning methods.


Analyse und Modellierung des Schädigungsverhaltens faserverstärkter Kunststoffe bei zyklischer Beanspruchung mit Lastrichtungsumkehr



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Gibhardt, D.; Doblies, A.; Meyer, L.; Fiedler, B.; Effects of Hygrothermal Ageing on the Interphase, Fatigue and Mechanical Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy. Fibers 20197.

Koch, I.; Just, G.; Brod, M.; Chen, J.; Doblies, A.; Dean, A.; Gude, M.; Rolfes, R.; Hopmann, C.; Fiedler, B. Evaluation and Modeling of the Fatigue Damage Behavior of Polymer Composites at Reversed Cyclic Loading. Materials 201912, 1727. (Full text)