New Impact Factor of the WM journal

The official journal of the IWWG, Waste Management, has reached a new all-time high impact factor: 4.030

IWWG Training Courses

Three IWWG Training Courses have been arranged in connection with the Sardinia 2017 Symposium.


16th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, 2 - 6 October 2017, Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Italy. Website; Call for Abstracts

IWWG Russia and NIS Regional Branch: International Scientific Conference

The IWWG Regional Branch for Russia and NIS is co-organizing the III International Scientific Conference "From Waste Management to Resource Recovery" to be held 30 Nov.-1 Dec. 2017 in Perm, Russia.

* IWWG co-sponsored events

The IWWG Managing Board

It consists of founding members and others approved by the Board Members and acts as the organisation managing body, coordinating and organizing the different activities.

Prof. Toshihiko Matsuto

Prof. Toshihiko Matsuto
Hokkaido University, JP


Prof. Debra Reinhart Prof. Anders Lagerkvist

Prof. Debra Reinhart
University of Central Florida, USA

(Past President)

Prof. Anders Lagerkvist
Luleå University of Technology, S

(President Elect)

Prof. Rainer Stegmann Prof. Raffaello Cossu

Prof. Rainer Stegmann
Hamburg University of Technology, D

(Coordinator SAP)

Prof. Raffaello Cossu
University of Padua, Italy

(Editor-in-Chief, WM)

 Prof. Umberto Arena

 Prof. William Clarke

Prof. Umberto Arena
University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, I

Prof. William Clarke
University of Queensland, AUS

 Dr. Luis F. Diaz

 Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos
Dr. Luis F. Diaz
 CalRecovery, Inc., USA
 Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos
Technical University of Crete, GR

Prof. Pinjing HeProf. Peter Kjeldsen

Prof. Pinjing He
Tongji University, Shanghai, CN

Prof. Peter Kjeldsen
Technical University of Denmark, DK

 Prof. Yasushi Matsufuji

 Howard Robinson
Prof. Yasushi Matsufuji
 Fukuoka University, JP
Howard Robinson
Phoenix Engineering, UK

 Prof. Cristina Trois

Prof. Cristina Trois
 University of kwaZulu-Natal, RSA


New Managing Board appointees are nominated by existing Managing Board appointees. A vote on new appointees is taken at a Managing Board meeting. Candidates eligible for appointment to the Managing Board are generally co-opted from current SAP members. The President is elected by a vote from Managing Board appointees.