Brodarski Institute

Environmental Technologies Center

The Environmental Technologies Center was founded in Brodarski Institute Ltd. in March 2011. The Center is funded through the Business Innovation Agency of the Republic of Croatia through the TEHCRO program that provides financial support for start-up, improvement and development of technology infrastructure that is able to provide adequate facilities, services, and business and technological support for technology transfer and/or adoption, commercialization of scientific and research results, and the resources necessary for the development and growth of innovative technology companies.
The main activities of the Center are the development of new and optimisation of existing biological waste treatment processes by using state-of-the art analytical techniques and methods, instruments, devices and software packages.
As an integral part of the Center, the Process-analytical Laboratory is equipped with devices and software packages for conducting experimental treatment of various types of oranic materials under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The dynamics of generation, the quantity and composition of biogas, the optimal process parameters, the optimal share of individual co-substrates and potential inhibitors of the process are determined based on the results from conducted experiments and analyses. The Process-analytical Laboratory have the Accreditation Certificate according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005+Cor.1:2006; EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005+AC. Our Laboratory is equipped to determine the following: a) dry matter content (DM); b) organic matter content (OM); c) ash content; d) acidity; e) biogas composition (CH4, CO2, NH3, CO, H2, O2, N2 and H2S content; f) carbon content in solid and liquid samples (TC, OC, IC); g) total Nitrogen; h) Ammonia; i) suspended matter; j) chemical oxigen demand (COD); k) Biological oxigen demand (BOD5); l) dissolved oxigen(DO).
In order to develop or optimise the treatment technology, the necessary test are performed on our mobile pilot-plant for biological treatment of waste materials, which allow us to test the process in real-time conditiones and on-site (eg. landfills, WWTP, and other locations with organic waste streams, such as food and fermentation industries, animal farms, etc.). Our pilot plant is capable to carry out the following: a) testing of aerobic and anaerobic treatment of solid, liquid and sludge waste streams; b) testing of dry and wet anaerobic digestion processes; c) testing of biological stabilisation processes; d) testing of the influence of added enzymes, applied ultrasound and/or microwave on the AD process; e) testing of the anaerobic co-digestion process of a large number of substrates; f) testing of the influence of solid waste particle size on the efficiency of the biological treatment process.
Based on the investors requirements and results obtained from lab- and pilot-scale experiments, the services offered by our Center are:

  • Analysis and selection of optimal treatment technologies of various types of waste streams,
  • Mechanical-biological treatment plant design,
  • Waste transport optimisation,
  •  Biogas production modelling (in-house and commercial software packages)
  • Reactor sizing and design,
  • Determination of the potential (PDRI) and real (RDRI) dynamic respiration index,
  • Preparation of feasibility studies,
  • Preparation of project documentation,
  • Amalysis and recommendations for possible interventions during reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing plants/devices
  • Commissioning of the plant and supervision during trial operation.