Studies and Research Reports

In addition to scientific publications, the Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics also publishes studies and research reports on a regular basis. The studies released by the working groups are available for download here.



  • Non Drop-In Fuels in Aviation - An overall systemic comparison of possible uses and applications
    Nils Bullerdiek, Gunnar Quante, Stefan Bube, Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt
    Download (German Report)
  • Substitution potential for renewable methane in heavy trucks and shipping
    Sebastian Timmerberg, Tjerk Zitscher, Alexander Kirsten, Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt
    Download Link (German Report)
  • Conceptual and technical design of a development platform for PtL fuels
    Christoph Arndt, Ulf Neuling, Martin Vorsatz, Juliane Prause, Uwe Molzberger, Patrick Le Clercq,
    Guido Frech, Heiko Wollenweber, Heiko Tauchnitz, Thorsten Jänisch

    Download(German report)
  • Investigation of the Environmental Impact of a Power-and-Biogas-to-Liquid (PBtL) Process 
    for the Production of Renewable Synthetic Fuels - A life-cycle analysis 

    Ulf Neuling, Sebastian Timmerberg, Stefan Bube, Martin Kaltschmitt




  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels. Status, Options, Necessary Actions
    aireg Roadmap for the Deployment of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

    Nils Bullerdiek, Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt
    Download Link
  • Workshop Report Alternative Fuels - Climate Impacts and Ways to Use Alternative Fuels 
    Reviewer: Wolgang Schade, Sebastian Timmerberg, Martin Kaltschmitt, Peter Kasten, Wiebke Zimmer
    Download Link (German Report) 
  • Use of Multiblend Jet A-1 in practice:
    Short Study on options and limitations of thermo-chemical utilization of waste for kerosene production 

    Anna Schanung, Nils Bullerdiek, Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt, Florian Keller, Alexander Laugwitz, Bernd Meyer, Ludwig Georg Seidl, Patricio Edmundo Mamani Soliz, Franziska Müller-Langer
    Download Link (German Report)



  • Additivation of wood chips for emission reduction in combustion plants
    Theresa Hülsmann, Isabel Höfer, Martin Kaltschmitt
    Download Link (German Report)
  • Regulatory Requirements for Production, Blending, Logistics, Storage, Aircraft Refuelling,
    Sustainability Certification and Accounting of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

    Nils Bullerdiek, Joachim Buse, Martin Kaltschmitt, Jan Pechstein
    Download Link (German Report)
  • Use of Multiblend Jet-A-1 in practice:
    Summary of results from the mobility and fuel strategy model project

    Nils Bullerdiek, Joachim Buse, Nils Dögnitz, Andreas Feige, Ann-Marlen Halling, Stephanie Hauschild, Peter Hawighorst, Martin Kaltschmitt, Thomas Kuchling, Sven Kureti, Stefan Majer, Christian Marquardt, Franziska Müller-Langer, Ulf Neuling, Katja Oehmichen, Jan Pechstein, Dietmar Posselt, Sebastian Scheurmann, Tobias Schripp, Hendrik Stein, Alexander Zschocke
    Download Link (German Report)
  • Carbon footprint, costs and potentials of different fuel types and drive systems for cars and trucks 
    Martin Wietschel, Cornelius Moll, Stella Oberle, Benjamin Lux, Sebastian Timmerberg, Ulf Neuling, Martin Kaltschmitt
    Download (German Report)



Measures for primary emission reduction of wood chip firing systems, especially for the reduction of particulate matter emissions
Christian Gollmer, Daniel Harms, Isabel Höfer, Joachim Gerth
Download Link (German Report)