Renewable Fuels

The Renewable Fuels Group is generally working on the field of alternative and synthetic fuels and energy carriers, their implementation in the energy system and the related emission reduction potentials. Therefore the application of biofuels as well as power based, so-called Power-to-X fuels, are investigated in detail. This includes liquid fuels, like e.g. diesel, kerosene or methanol and gaseous fuels like hydrogen and methane.

One main research goal is the general analysis of the introduction of such fuels in different transportation systems (e.g. aviation, shipping) as well as the cross-sectoral integration of different technology pathways. This includes detailed, techno-economic analyzes of the different fuel production processes, including the obtained by-products as well as their overall environmental impact.

Current projects
Further research topics

An overview of the currently available theses at the IUE can be found here.