Energy Systems

The working group "Energy Systems" examines a wide range of issues relating to energy system transformation and the associated integration of renewable energies into the energy sector. The focus is on the integration of renewable energies and the rational use of energy.

For this purpose, research is being carried out on new concepts for balancing fluctuating energy input and load management in the electricity sector, as well as on the optimal, climate-friendly design of heat supply in large cities. Furthermore, Power-to-X measures will be investigated that increase the share of renewable energies in other energy sectors (e.g. heat, gas, transport) by linking them. In addition to new systems to be installed, optimisation potentials of existing systems will also be examined. For example, how can better forecasts of generation and load or the integration of innovative components improve the efficiency of building energy supply? In addition, new concepts for energy generation from renewable sources and their use for water treatment will be investigated. 

The analysis of the concepts under consideration of technical, economic and ecological criteria forms the framework of all work. The aim of the research work is to indicate options for an efficient and secure energy supply with a high proportion of renewable energies can be realised as cost-effectively as possible.

Current projects
Further research topics

An overview of the currently available theses at the IUE can be found here.