The Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics (IUE) comprises twelve laboratories equipped with a wide range of instruments and analyzers in its buildings in “Eissendorfer Strasse” and “Blohmstrasse”.

Moreover, one technical center resides in the “Eissendorfer Strasse” and two technical centers in the “Blohmstrasse”.

A large variety of software

Basing on your long lasting experience relating to environmental technology, energy economics, waste resource management, process and system analysis, we are able to offer comprehensive analyses, consulting services and concepts for all types of companies. Qualified employees from various disciplines are ensuring support for the following topics:

Technology analysis and assessment

  • Fundamental research for waste and resource-related measures
  • Landfill supervision Process control, supervision and assessment
  • Process and installation optimization
  • Potential and fault identification

Consulting and conceptual design

  • Conceptualization for waste recycling and treatment
  • Energy efficiency assessment
  • Recycling concepts
  • Waste sorting analyses