The Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics sets great value upon teaching. In addition to several courses offered to students of the TUHH, the institute is involved in national and international educational projects: e.g. a student exchange with Jordan universities, Erasmus+ / DAAD projects, RECREEW Spring School and „integral“ an advanced training program for refugee-engineers. For further information see the navigation bar

Following list contains the courses of the iUE open for students of TUHH this semester. Students can find further information on Stud.IP.


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Practical Course Aquatic Chemistry
This course appears in more than one module: Aquatic Chemistry,Environmental analysis for process engineering
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kuchta, Dipl.-Ing.

The practical course is conducted as a block course and lasts for 1 week. There are simple but typical methods  for chemical analysis for water, sewage, soil and waste taught, which serve the students as the basis for their later work in this area. 
In this practical course for example the Institutes of Wastewater Management and Water Protection (IAG), Environmental Technology and Energy Economics(IUE), Water Resources and Water Supply (IWW) are involved. 
In the following examples of experiments and methods taught in the course are summarized:

  • Surface waters: sampling of water and sediment 
  • Determination of the pH-value 
  • Determination of the redox potential 
  • Determination of a heavy metal (Zn) 
  • Acid neutralizing capacity (sediment) 
  • Flocculation or co-precipitation of water-suspended titanium dioxide particles 
  • Precipitation of phosphate with Fe3 + 
  •  determine the toxicity of wastewater componentsagainst bacteria 
  • denitrification 
  • Electrical conductivity 
  • Acid and base capacity (m-and p-value) 
  • Determination of permanent gases (H2, O2, N2, CO2, CH4) in Landfill Gas 
  • Determining a grading curve by screens
  • Determination of volatile organic acids and the total content of inorganic carbonate (FOS / TAC) by means of pH titration in samples from biogas plants

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WiSe 22/23
Written exam
Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH)
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Heimatinstitut: Institut für Umwelttechnik u. Energiewirtschaft (V-9)
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B3 - Bioraffinerie, Bioenergie & Bioökonomie

Dr. Marvin Scherzinger

WuD - Wasserstoff und Derivate

M.Sc. Lucas Sens

GENESYS - Gruppe Energiesysteme und Systemintegration 

Dr. Jelto Lange