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The Danish case study with the catchment of Harrestrup stream had focused on function of rain water storage basins, pollution from paved urban areas, pollution from overflows of sewage systems during intensive rain events and associated impacts on the water quality in the southern part of the Copenhagen harbour. In order to visualise the accordant data and information refer to the link below and follow the further instructions. Note: In order to run "MapmyClimate" you have to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Start MAPmyClimate for DiPol and goto [my area] and [Climate adaptation in Harrestrup Stream].

"MapmyClimate" offers a variety of functionalities beside the DiPol related section. Users are invited to 'play' with their own behaviour in order to get answers on how the world will develop in relation to the climate if everyone follows a similar approach. The vision of MapmyClimate is to create an understanding of the relationship between lifestyle and climate change.


Harbour of Harwich in England

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