The Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme - Project

Impact of Climate Change on the Quality of Urban and Coastal Waters - Diffuse Pollution (diPol)

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DiPol aims at identifying impacts and at suggesting measures to reduce adverse consequences of climatic changes for the quality of urban and coastal waters. Hence it will have a direct impact on water quality.

A programme tool, (SIMACLIM) that illustrates the impacts of climate changes on water quality and which is able to evaluate consequences of potential measures to help regional and national decision makers to adapt their management to the changing climate will be developed and implemented within the diPol project.

By introducing the results into the level of European policy making, a long term impact on the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy is expected.


DiPol aims to collect knowledge on the impact of CC on water quality, to communicate and raise awareness towards this knowledge, to improve the ability of decision makers to counteract these impacts on local and international level, and to facilitate public participation herein. Read more about our goals.


Nineteen partners in this project represent five countries. Read more about our consortium.

Three-volume booklet series

Interview with Prof. Dr. Susanne Heise

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